Here you shall find tips on how to grow as a leader and build a motivated cybersecure culture.  Whether you are established in your position or new to cyber, enhancing leadership skills is attuned to advancing cybersecurity best practices. 

You probably want to know, the answer to the question what is the greatest part of leadership, culture, and cybersecurity? Well, the answer is simple and also complex – people are the greatest part.  Research has shown that most successful cybersecurity cultures are influenced by people-first leaders.

Why is CultureSec so passionate about people and the triangulation of leadership, culture, and cybersecurity?

To be Frank, we find that millions are spent on technical solutions while minimal is invested in employee awareness and training.  At the foundation of most cyber crisis, rests security unawareness.  According to a recent cyber report 1, 73% of information workers were uninformed of their organization’s current security policies.


What we find is that many cyber-resilient organizations lead with a people-centric approach over technical strategies.  There is an entrenched belief that cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.   The strategy is compelled by exemplary leadership attitudes, behaviors, and repetitive messages transforming cultural attitudes and norms into collaborative cyber teams.  It is the investment in the people-oriented aspect of cybersecurity – leadership, management, and culture that creates the true framework of cyber resiliency, which transcends technology.   


It takes the full spectrum of the organizational culture from top to bottom and throughout to entrench security into corporate norms.


“Cybersecurity begins and ends with people”




Mary Barra stated, “If we win the hearts and minds of employees, we’re going to have better business success.”

To this… if we win the hearts and minds of our people, we are going to have cyber-resilient successful businesses – because “cybersecurity [and business] begins and ends with people”.


I hope you join CultureSec on this journey toward our people-first cybersecurity movement.  Let’s get started – we will meet you at the intersection of leadership, culture, and cybersecurity. See you there!

-The CultureSec Team


1 https://www.forrester.com/report/how-to-manage-the-human-risk-in-cybersecurity/RES58010